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Thesis Driven.
Value Investors.

With a wealth of more than 13 years' experience and backing over 50 enterprises, we recognize that to truly be valuable partners to our founders, it's essential for us to thoroughly comprehend the core of their business.

Our Thesis

We specialize in early-stage investments, leading Pre-Seed, Seed, and Series A funding rounds. Our primary focus lies within the SaaS sector, but we also actively invest in E-commerce, Marketplaces, and businesses driven by AI and data analytics.

Astella's Timeline

Our Story

Ecosystem Builder: Astella’s journey is intrinsically connected with the development of the Brazilian VC ecosystem.

Astella's Timeline


Journey I Fund, Astella's first vehicle.
Active participation in building the tech entrepreneurship ecosystem in Brazil.
Main investments: Portal Educação, Ciatech, Navegg, Dualtec.

Astella's Timeline


Journey II Fund
First institutional investor: Spectra Investimentos.
Main investments: Omie (seed) and Digital Results (Series A).

Astella's Timeline


Journey III Fund
New institutional investors and family offices as LPs.
Entry of Marcelo Sato as a partner.
Astella Playbook podcast launch.

Astella's Timeline


Daniel Chalfon joins as partner. 
Main investments: Sallve, Omie (Series A), Livance.
Special Purpose Vehicles: Omie, RD Station.

Astella's Timeline


Astella becomes pro bono manager of Endeavor Brasil's Scale Up fund.
Beginning structuring the Investment and Platform team.
Special Purpose Vehicle: Kenoby.
Launch of Astella Expert Network.

Astella's Timeline


Journey IV Fund
Entry of Banco Itaú as LP.
Launch of Astella Matrix, Astella's knowledge hub.

Astella's Timeline


Sale of RD Station to TOTVS.
Largest SaaS company exit  in Latin America.
Special Purpose Vehicle: Bornlogic.

Astella's Timeline


Journey V Fund
Laura becomes a Board Member of Endeavor Brazil.

Astella's Timeline


Astella's Knowledge Hub

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