Marcelo Sato (EN)

Marcelo Sato

My contact with technology and entrepreneurship started very early. Who remembers MSX? I learned to program in one of these and, at the age of 18, I opened my first business - a computer school. Despite not going ahead, it was the embryo of CIATECH, a company I founded while still in college. I experienced a long entrepreneurial journey until the sale to UOL, in 2013. It was very important to feel the pain of starting a company. In the beginning, I loved the risk of having to deliver something that didn't yet exist, but today my role is exactly the opposite: mitigating risks to maximize the probability of success. I have been part of the Astella team since 2017 when I joined as a partner. In my daily life, I have the opportunity to contribute to the development of promising startups, which is very rewarding. In my free time, I like to be with my family and travel.

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