Bruno Peroni (EN)

Bruno Peroni

Entrepreneurship is a fundamental theme in my life - if I'm not creating something, I don't feel happy! I want to be close to entrepreneurs, add value, and make a difference. It is this energy that has motivated me since the beginning of my career, more than 12 years ago. At Astella, in addition to being part of the investment team doing new business, I am also responsible for portfolio traction. This gives me a broad view of best practices, metrics, and benchmarks. I like playing in the first division and, for that, being a generalist and knowing how to move between different fields is essential. I'm Carina's father, I love music and good food. I'm also a nerd about things: like coffee and beer, for example. I like doing, experimenting, and knowing how things work! On top of that, I cycle whenever I can, including to the office.

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